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Bratz Dynamite! In Control and Outta Sight

By John Medeiros

"Flaunt a Fearless New Attitude and show off your strength in style, as you knock em' down in the most explosive fashions around!"

Pour yourself another martini Mr. Bond. No doubt about it, the Bratz Dynamite! dolls are a hot looking and trendy trio. This new line from MGA features our heroines Meygan, Cloe and Nevra following in the footsteps of "Charlie's Angels". Borrowing from that film series as well as the slick black leather look made popular in other movies like The Matrix, Catwoman and Kill Bill, these Bratz are dressed and ready for action.

The example I received for review is Cloe. This blonde vixen has long, wild platinum hair with honey highlights. She has that perfect Drew Barrymore look and you can almost see her moving in slow motion executing a karate kick as her hair whips around.

She as well as the other two dolls come dressed head to toe in figure hugging patent black vinyl leatherette. Cloe wears skintight long black pants with superb stitched panel detailing. Her hip hugging matching jacket is decorated in painted silver studding and fastens in the front with faux zipper detail. Her black stiletto heeled boots have a seamless look with the pants.

Her accessories include a basic black Bratz hairbrush and a black patent clutch bag with cherry pink strap and belt trim. This color is a perfect match with the doll's lip color, really giving her a completed look. She wears silver drop earrings.

The box graphics are great, with a photo of all three dolls on the back looking like they are ready to tackle any trouble. The front of the box has a fun illustration of Cloe painted on the box plastic.

This collection of three dolls will appeal to collectors who like film themed fashion dolls as well as kids who love movies like Spy Kids and other action adventure movies.