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Trouble Never Looked So Cute-Big Bratz Babyz

By John Medeiros

"Before they were Bratz they were Bratz Babyz."

Step back in time and step out in style with the Bratz and see how it all began, as they express themselves with that unique sense of style and lots of baby "brattitude".

The MGA stork has turned back the pages in the BRATZ family album and delivered up four new arrivals. The Big Bratz Babyz are 13" toddler versions of the original Bratz Pack: Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha and Jade.

I will admit that I am partial to baby dolls, so these little tykes really appeal to my collecting leanings. The same sense of fun, sassiness and fabulous fashion of the older Bratz are reflected in these young fashion divas.

The doll that I received is Bratz Babyz Cloe, arguably the leader of the original Bratz Pack. She has the same exaggerated sized head and anime inspired facial paint as the older gals but her hair is molded rather than rooted. Her hairstyle includes two small detachable pigtails with molded bows. I would love to see these dolls with real rooted hair. I think hair play would be lots of fun with these galz as has been shown by the popularity of the Bratz styling heads released a few years back.

The body is appropriately chubby and baby-like with a hint of the runway figures to come. These fashion minded infants even have fingernail and toenail polish! Cloe has feet and these may be the first Bratz to include that feature instead of the pop-on shoes. The body is posable and jointed at the neck, shoulders and legs.

Cloe's outfit predicts her passion for fashion and echoes the glam of the grown up Bratz. She wears a pleated cheerleader style skirt made of glittery blue denim like fabric with raspberry sparkle inserts. A built- in sheer black "thong" adds a touch of humor and modesty. The top of the skirt has an attached red metallic bead belt. Her midriff pink tank top tee shirt is edged in raspberry piping and features two glittered hearts, one red, and one white on the front. Her little belly button that shows is an "outie".

Her plastic shoes are molded of a pink plastic to match her shirt and have trendy black treaded soles. Around her neck she wears her bottle on a dog tag chain and has ruby and silver pierced earrings.

Each Bratz Babyz comes with her personal icon pet. Cloe's is her baby pig "Angel" The pink vinyl piglet had wings and is jointed at the neck. The package also includes her exclusive personal style certificate. The dolls are all numbered and the number appears on this document. The colorful and frameable document includes her baby footprint, birth date of May 23rd and personal stats. Her nickname is noted as "Angel", hair is blonde, eyes are blue and signature is "Definitely Dramatic" There is also a place for the doll's owner to sign as "Commissioner". The certificate is tied diploma-style with a white satin ribbon.

The packaging is brilliant. With three plastic sides, the doll is fully visible and displayed nicely with her accessories. The handle of the package is a clever over-sized diaper pin. tied to this is a tiny booklet showing all four Babyz as well as accessories, fashion packs and play sets available for them.

MGA has also produced a full line of the Babyz in a smaller version that includes accessories.

I think these Big Babyz should be a hit with collectors. The dolls would be at home on the shelves of Bratz, fashion, and baby doll collectors. Retailing between $18-$22 they are very affordable and can be found at all major toy departments.