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Prophecy Girl Buffy Sideshow Exclusive

by John Medeiros

I was really looking forward to this release. I thought Sideshow did a beautiful job on the hair of the Kate Beckensale Van Helsing doll and I was very happy to get the new rooted-hair Buffy in a recent Sideshow shipment. To add to the thrill, I received the Sideshow Exclusive version with the hair up

The first thing I noticed when opening the display box was that the hair has been styled in an "up-do" instead of the long hair shown on the regular figure's prototype photos. Due to the style, texture and cut of this rooted style; you cannot really undo it and comb it out with pleasing results. So, do yourself a favor and just leave it as is. After all, this is the exclusive version. A little finger styling helped mine look a little neater and more realistic.

The 12" Buffy is fully jointed with the standard Sideshow female body. Unfortunately, she has the feet with molded high heels. I was hoping for removable shoes. This figure is meant to be displayed in costume and not intended as a play or fashion doll, so the molded feet are acceptable. However, the skin shade showing through the shoe straps is a completely different color than the plastic used in the ankle, and leg so in her knee-high cut gown, it looks a bit arresting. The legs are a nice pink tone, while the skin on the foot is that grayish freshtone. This color contrast is also visible with the head and hands and in my opinion it detracts from the overall realism of the figure. This normally wouldn't bother me, but the costume she wears exposes all these parts.

The costume itself is beautiful. The empire cut white prom dress is masterfully tailored with a satin underskirt wrapped in a sheer overlay that drops from the bodice and is open in front. Tiny silver piping underlines the bodice and the dress has snap closures. Faithful to the "Prophesy Girl" episode climax with The Master, she wears her black leather jacket over the gown. This accessory is exclusive to this edition and does not come with the standard issue Prophecy Girl Buffy. It is gorgeously detailed with tailored panels. cuffs, tiny buttons and pocket flaps. If you are a fashion doll collector you will want to try the gown and jacket as separates for some of your 11 and 1/2 inch dolls.

Sideshow equips their slayer heroine with some super looking accessories. A highly detailed crossbow is only bested by last years' Van Helsing version. Her Vampire book, silver crucifix and "wood" stake complete her arsenal.

Sideshow has provided their Buffy logo stand so the figure will look sharp displayed along the earlier Buffy character figures. Better make some room on that shelf by the way. Vampire Spike, Oz, Angelus, Subway Spike, Xander and Der Kindestod are all out for blood from Sideshow in 2005.

The Prophecy Girl Buffy figure retailed for $40 directly from and is currently sold out. It was produced in a limited edition of 750 figures.