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New York Nights SUSIE from R&D Fashion Dolls

By John Medeiros

The new shift towards highly articulated fashion dolls is due in large part to the wonderful creations being designed by Asian artists and the doll fans and collectors who have discovered how much high mobility can improve the play and display value of a doll.

The Jenny, Momoko, Volks Century Models, Azone and BBi's Cy-Girl dolls are just some of the examples of the multi-jointed action and fashion oriented dolls being embraced by an international hoard of collectors. The trend began in Japan, spread to Europe and is now putting down vinyl roots in the US.

The newest gal on the high articulation scene is Susie. This beautiful Asian American doll is the brainchild of Rudi Teruel and David Wu of R&D Fashion Dolls.

She measures 10 & ½ inches with a hard plastic body and vinyl head. Her facial painting reflects the multi-cultural mix of today's younger generation.

Several versions of Susie have been produced and sold out since she was introduced in the fall of 2003. The dolls are produced in limited editions of 250-300 and demand seems high as the first dolls China Girl and Blonde in Black are nowhere to be found. There are currently several new dolls available including New York Nights, Tokyo Trendy and San Francisco Days.

The example I have for review is the very limited (150 dolls) New York Nights made exclusively for the new glossy magazine Fashion Doll Quarterly. She features platinum hair and a navy blue variation of her outfit instead of the red used in the regular issue.

Her body is jointed at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees and ankles. All joints except the knees allow for double movement and bend or twist allowing for tons of posing possibilities. There are some beautiful sculpting details such as collar bones, shoulder blades and a naval.

Her facial painting is subtle and pretty with blue eyes, butterscotch eye shadow and smoky plum lips. Her platinum hair is long, down to the small of her back and has shagged bangs.

The outfit is of very high quality and features detailing found only on high end dolls. Her navy and white jumper is made of color-blocked wool and twill, is fully lined and features a real in-scale zipper up the back. Her tailored white ribbed bodysuit features real snaps. White fishnet tights and tall white boots with navy accents complete her ensemble. Accessories include white sunglasses, white "Mary Jane" shoes, a miniature copy of the Premier issue of FDQ and an amazingly constructed sport bag with real zipper and silver stud detailing.

She also comes with a thick Lucite pedestal stand with her signature on it. The doll comes packaged in a stylish gift box with clear window and the doll is tied-in with a ribbon for easy collector removal and replacement.

As far as redressing, the Off the Hook clothes by Integrity fit her perfectly and I'm sure with some pin k aisle searching, you will turn up other possibilities.

I highly recommend this new little beauty and she already has me looking at some of the other Japanese dolls with high interest and one hand on my wallet.

For more information on Susie you can find her exclusively at R&D Fashion Dolls website: