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New 8" Madeline Invades Paris

And a Toy Store Near You!

By John Medeiros

Madeline, the classic literary heroine, celebrates her 65th birthday in 2004 with a whole new look and new products that inspire girls' imaginations. Madeline's world of wholesome, age-appropriate role-play dolls reflects the timeless appeal of the highly-recognized storybook character, making the Madeline doll brand a favorite with kids and their Moms.

Along with 3" mini dolls, classic sized 8" dolls, tons of play sets and a beautiful 18" Anniversary Limited Edition Madeline, RC2 has redesigned her look to be more realistic and have a little more "cute" appeal. I must say, that the classic face with little drawn on smile line has always been a favorite of mine, but perhaps children will respond to the more detailed face.

The doll I have for review is one of the adorable new 8" Madeline dolls. As well as having the redesigned face she also has updated clothing and bendable joints for more play fun. She is jointed at the neck, multi-jointed at the shoulder, waist, hips and her legs click four times for real variety in posing. My favorite features are the hands. The left is beautifully sculpted and the practical right hand can easily grasp her included hair brush and many other accessories I tried.

Her shiny copper penny hair is held in place with a blue ribbon bow. The new concept face sculpt and painting is charming. The roundish face is still there, but she now has a pert pug nose sprinkled with freckles. Her auburn brows look great with her hair and add an inquisitive yet knowing look to her. The green eyes are elaborately rendered with tiny painted lashes. Carnation pink lips in a child-like smile and light blushing complete the look.

The updated outfit includes a burgundy ribbed sweater with embroidered emblem and attached blouse with Peter Pan collar. Her skirt is pleated with panels of denim alternating with red plaid. She wears black rubber rain boots over her white socks and has white panties. Her classic blue hooded overcoat is made of a soft polar fleece material. Her sunny yellow flocked hat with black ribbon band finishes off her ensemble.

The box shows other characters in the updated series including her friends Danielle, Nona, Miss Clavel and the dog Genevieve.

These are currently available at Toys R Us stores for approx $14.99.