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Bratz Secret Date Yasmin by MGA

By John Medeiros

It's a night you're sure to never forget as you share a first date with the Bratz and Bratz Boyz as they laugh over a midnight smoothie, slow dance under a full moon, and find themselves getting closer than they walk the fine line between friendship and love. In addition to tons of stylin' accessories, this collectible Bratz and Bratz Boyz two-pack highlights the real anticipation of a real blind date by offering a unique packaging design that hides your Bratz Boyz blind date from view, to ensure he remains a mystery until you've taken him home and opened the box. Bonus rare Collector's Edition includes a completely new Bratz Boyz character!

What a fun concept for a doll..a "blind date" play set. Each set contains one of the gals plus a "mystery date" that you cannot see till you open the package.

The example I have for review is Yasmin. She is as beautiful as usual with medium brunette hair with subtle blonde highlights, green eyes and a glossy plum-pink lip color.

She is dressed in dark denim bellbottom jeans, black knit top under a burgundy leatherette waist cut jacket with metallic racing stripe "zipper" piping on the sleeves. It is accessorized by a matching burgundy bag, denim belt, silver bangle bracelets and feet with pink open heels.

Her accessories include sunglasses, cell phone, compact with mirror, cappuccino for two with saucers, drinks for two, beverage bottle and hair brush. A comb is also included for "him".

The boy in my set is.well.he is still a will have to buy your own and find out.

SRP is $34.99