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Doll News Dec 15, 2003

Nostalgic Kelly Doll in Gay Parisienne-
An Elusive Dealer Exclusive

Released earlier this year, The Kelly Nostalgic Favorites™ Gift set features Kelly® in re-creations of classic Barbie® outfits. Each Kelly® doll can be hung from the holiday tree to recall fond memories of holiday seasons past. The first gift set features four favorite nostalgic fashions: Bathing Suit #1, Solo in the Spotlight™, Enchanted Evening®, and Silken Flame®.

Bathing suit #1 features Kelly® in the famous black and white bathing suit. Solo in the Spotlight™ features Kelly® in a long black gown, accented with a red rose and flares of tulle at the bottom. Enchanted Evening® Kelly® wears the classic pink gown with attached white faux fur collar and white opera gloves. Silken Flame® Kelly® wears a dress with a white skirt, red bodice, and a golden belt at the waist. She has a red pillbox hat atop her dark brown Bubble Cut hairstyle.

Just to make collecting these little cuties more fun, Mattel decided to release a Kelly ornament dressed in the rare and classic Barbie outfit "Gay Parisienne". However, she was not released in the mass market, rather, she was delivered exclusively to doll dealers to give as gifts or offer to their customers. These dolls are part of the authorized Dealer Program from Mattel. Mattel has done this in the past. The "Hollywood" style velvet rope and carpet and the Malibu Barbie sunglasses are examples of past premiums.

Although many reputable doll dealers have offered these to customers as the gifts they were intended to be, they can be found on eBay as well. They seem to be selling there for about $10. So, if you need to complete your set, that's the place to look right now.

Needless to say, the doll is adorable. Like the other four in the gift set, the vintage details are recreated beautifully and look wonderful in Kelly-scale.

Her rooted brunette ponytail is finished in a classic topknot with shelf bangs and a hard-curl like flip at the end of the tail. The brunette hair sets her apart from the three blonde ponytail Kellys in the gift set.

Her face paint features dark brows, cheek blush and big red lips. And yes. She does have fingernail paint!

Her ensemble is a perfect miniature of the original bubble dress right down to the bows in the front and back. The white fur stole even has a hook and eye closure. The navy veiled had features the same detailing as the Barbie Gay Parisienne repro with two crystal beads centering the side bow. Accessories include long white gloves, navy blue maryjanes and a tiny version of the elusive gold velvet envelope purse lined in white satin with gold bead closure.

This Christmas, she and the other gals were a big hit with guests who saw my tree. This little doll is a must-have for Kelly and vintage lovers alike.