Tom Daniel Showrod Racing 1/43 scale Track Set with Vehicle
by Rudy Panucci

$12.99 at K Mart

Thus far, Iíve only seen this race set at K-Mart. Itís very impressive. It features a Hot Wheels style racetrack with connectors, but in the slightly larger 1/43 scale. This set is a companion to the Tom Daniel line of collectible cars, which have been found at Wal Mart and K Mart. This line features some of the most recognizable funny car designs from the 1960ís, such as The Red Baron, Paddy Wagon, and Tijuana Taxi..

The track itself is almost exactly like a large scale Hot Wheels set, complete with a plastic C-clamp and snap together track. The only difference is that the track is blue and the connectors are built in. This set features six feet of track, with a set of ramps so you can do stunts. It comes with a unique repaint of some of the Tom Daniel cars that Toy Zone has made available previously. The set I picked up comes with the Red Baron, with the body of the car done in black instead of red and the helmet and grill done in red instead of chrome. Iíve seen other sets with alternate colored versions of the Tijuana Taxi and the Paddy Wagon. The larger scale lends itself well to larger, middle-aged fingers and with the nostalgic designs and familiar track format, this set will bring back a flood of childhood memories.

With solid construction, loads of play value and the coolness of the Tom Daniel designs, this set is a pure winner!

Grade: A plus.