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Action Figure Zone Product Review
by Rudy Panucci

World Peacekeepers Combat Engineer Playset with figure

by M & C Toy Centre,  $20 at Big Lots, Kay Bee and other toy retailers.

When Hasbro recently decided to take G.I. Joe into new territory, with a new size and the storylines and characters familiar to fans of the small G.I. Joes from the 1980s, history repeated, and in 2005, just like back in 1976, the 12″ tall G.I. Joe was “retired.” The official G.I. Joe Collectors Club is still making extremely cool limited editions of the big guys, and Hot Topic is bringing out a reproduction Land Adventure with Kung Fu Grip, but unless you know where to look, you won’t be seeing the big G.I. Joes in many toy stores.


However, G.I. Joe has always inspired a healthy group of fellow travelers, compatible toys made by competing companies. One of the best of these is the Power Team Elite World Peacekeepers line of 12″ action figures made by M & C Toy Centre. You can find Power Team figures at Big Lots, Kay Bee Toy Stores, and in the JC Penney Christmas catalog. Despite the redeployment of G.I. Joe to new scales, Power Team is still going strong at twelve inches tall! They have a ton of new product coming out and they put a tremendous amount of effort into their design and play value. Their current body design sports some of the most realistic articulation of any 12″ action figure, and is able to imitate nearly the full range of motion of the human body.


The Power Team Elite World Peacekeepers Combat Engineer includes one fully-articulated figure, with interchangeable hands, and a huge assortment of cool 1/6 scale diorama pieces, including a garbage can, barrel, extending ladder, chainsaw, “wood” planks, a crate and a tool kit. The tool kit includes scale tools like a hammer, screwdriver, wrenches, pliers, facemask, axe, shovel, circuit tester, and eye protection. One of the major attractions of the Power Team line is that it provides such a wide variety of cool accessories in the proper scale for hobbyists who build dioramas. This set is a gold mine with tons of potential for that purpose.  It has been observed that you get enough 1/6 scale goodies with this set, like trash cans, ladders, and shovels, that you can use it to stock a custom ECW Wrestling diorama. 


With a great figure and a generous amount of accessories, this set is a high priority for 1/6 scale collectors.


Grade: A-plus


JC Penney Exclusive World Peacekeepers 82nd Airborne Division Infantryman

by M & C Toy Centre, On sale now for $9.99 at


This World Peacekeepers figure, available exclusively through JC Penney’s, features the latest generation Power Team body design, with realistic digital camo fatigues and a wealth of accessories.  In addition to the figure and the fatigues, you get a belt, a helmet with night vision goggles, a flak vest, pistol with sheath, boots, elbow pads, knee pads, a dog tag, a ten piece rifle and accessory set, walkie-talkie, backpack with cover, water bottle, and military pouches.  Plus, there’s a sheet of labels you can use to customize your figure.


The figure is state of the art, with full articulation.  The accessories are improving quite a bit from what Power Team has offered in the past, but there are a few areas where they are lacking.  The boots are molded in a desert tan color, which doesn’t match well with the uniform.  The uniform itself is a nice representation of the newest digital camouflage issued by the Army.   However, it still uses velcro closures instead of snaps.  The flak vest is in woodland camo, instead of digital camo, and just doesn’t look good on the figure.


On the plus side, the knee and elbow pads appear to feature newer, more accurate designs, as do the pouches and water bottle.  The rifle isn’t too shabby either.  All in all, this is a decent basic World Peacekeepers set, comparable to what you might find at Big Lots or Kay-Bee. Originally, this set was greatly overpriced at twenty-five bucks, but now it’s on sale for ten dollars, which is a fair value. 


Grade:  B